Grow your wealth with a Separately Managed Account

The Separately Managed Account is effectively an account controlled by the investor and in the investor’s name, with the assistance of Investcent Partners Ltd.

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  • What are the returns on offer?

    The returns are directly in line with the bond market. We negotiate competitive pricing on your behalf.

  • What investments can be made via the SMA?

    The offering is solely for the investment of funds into government bonds both local currency and foreign currency (Eurobonds).

Why choose Separately Managed Accounts?

You create passive income streams.
You are able to grow your portfolio through compounding.
Diversifying your investment portfolio.
Government Bonds are generally low risk and safe investments.

Advantages of establishing a Separately Managed Account with Investcent.

  1. You retain complete control of your investing decisions and enjoy the guidance of experienced bond market traders.
  2. Our team has over 45 years combined experience in the investment market trading bonds.
  3. We offer key insights into market trends and dynamics, access deals not usually open to the investing public, and assist investors get the most value for money.
  4. We are independent: we negotiate the best prices for you to make sure you get value for your money.
  5. We assist in securing loans against your bonds portfolio.

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Start your investment journey with a Separately Management Account (SMA).

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